Making friends with Zagreb bite by bite

Family tour Zagreb by Iva

Family tour Zagreb by Iva


  • See the major sights in downtown and the old town.
  • Have your kids experience their Croatian age-mates commonplaces.
  • Taste various traditional snacks and meals, local wine and craft beer depending on the season.
  • Experience everyday life through the eyes of a local.
  • Have family fun along the way.
  • Available: year round
  • Group size: 2-8
  • Duration: cca 5hrs

Want to experience Zagreb like locals and learn about its history, its culinary tradition, taste some of Zagreb’s specialties, combine this with your passion for wine or beer? And have your kids with you, happy and satisfied, along the way? No problem, Iva (mother of 3 and experienced family travel organizer) will create special itinerary for your family depending upon your interests, habits and all the “must try Zagreb bites and drinks” for grownups and kids in a pleasant guided downtown walk including a traditional full lunch or a picnic along the way.


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