Making friends with Zagreb bite by bite

Zagreb Classics

Zagreb Classics


  • See the major sights in downtown and the old town.
  • Have a guided local wine and craft beer tasting.
  • Taste various traditional snacks and meals, depending on the season.
  • Take an extensive tour of the central food market, including sampling and chatting with vendors.
  • Experience everyday life through the eyes of a local.
  • Available: Year round
  • Group size: 2-6 persons
  • Duration: 5+ hours

This guided casual stroll through the centre of the city is a “best of” compilation of typical food & drink moments. Besides getting a whiff of the way Zagreb lives and breathes, it’s the opportunity to try bits and pieces of everything – from farmer’s market produce, traditional dishes, desserts and local spirits to top quality wine from Zagreb surroundings or craft beer, tuned in with the season. Share your preferences and we’ll whip up a unique experience for you. And put on your walking shoes.

Specialties you can taste on this tour can include: štrukli, ajngemahtec, gemišt, sir i vrhnje, purica s mlincima, knedle sa šljivama, and many others.

Zagreb Bites tours are not pre-scheduled, they are a private, bespoke experience always arranged by request and depending on our availability. Last-minute requests are risky and will not always have a positive outcome.


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