Making friends with Zagreb bite by bite

Chris, Australia

Having only a day and a half in Zagreb, we tossed up what would be the best way to see the city and boy, did we make the right decision chosing Zagreb Bites! Morana met us at our lodging on the outskirts of town at 9.30am to begin our day adventure. We had an amazing day where we walked around town being shown all the tourist hot spots but at the same time sampling some of the most amazing food. From buying pasties in a small patiserrie and taking them to a coffee shop, stopping at a new bar to try local beer and wines plus cheeses & cured meats. A trip around the market, a visit to an underground wine bar, late lunch in an amazing restaurant where we sampled a meal cooked in the traditional Croatian way, in a peka, home made ice cream and late afternoon drinks at a bar near where we were staying. Nine hours later, extremely satisfied and feeling like we wouldn’t be able to eat for a week, we finally arrived home. I can’t recommend this tour highly enough! Thank you so much Morana for such a memorable day.

Eatistria is LGBT friendly