Making friends with Zagreb bite by bite


Janie Swingle: “My guide to Croatia”

Day trip to the wineries of Plešivica — Croatian wine isn’t widely known outside of Croatia because its wine regions are, as our local guide put it, “boutique.” The winemakers are families passionate about wine but not producing on a scale large enough for export. Thus, you really have to visit Croatia to taste its wine. Book a tour with Zagrebites to visit some wineries and restaurants in the Plešivica region, a bluer version of Tuscany’s rolling, golden hills. You can’t really DIY the wine country here, though, because the wineries are so small and locally focused that you need an experienced guide to set up tastings and know where to go. You’ll learn a lot about the region, its people, and its history even if you don’t consider yourself a wine connoisseur.

Janie Swingle

from: My guide to Croatia 

Cliff Rames, Wines of Croatia

“Another project from the talented crew of enthusiasts from Taste of Croatia (see Eat Istria above), Zagreb Bites celebrates the overlooked but compelling wine scene in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, and the surrounding Croatian Uplands wine growing region. Excursions typically include visits to 2-3 wineries and a traditional lunch at a local restaurant or farmstead. Customized itineraries are also an option, as is the Winer Lovers Zagreb walking tour of the city’s vibrant café culture and wine bars. Your guides, Lada Radin (a self-described “curious hedonist and food forager”) and Morana Zibar (“Gurwoman”) are fun, energetic, and ready to share their insider tips and help you uncover secret food and wine treasures, while also teaching you to do “as the Zagrebians do” and “make friends with Zagreb, bite by bite”.”

Cliff Rames, ambassador of Croatian wines


Wine Wanderlust: 7 Tour Operators in Croatia

Elisabeth, Australia

Great experience. Lada took us on a early even tour. A quick drink and explanation of the wine and ale environment and the way of life for Zagebians was then followed by dinner at at local restaurant. The choice of restaurant is tailored to your tastes. You won’t be disappointed . A walking tour to the most enchanting wine bar, tasting place in the old town follows. Lada is very friendly and knowledgeable and very personable and in her company you feel as if you are great friends. She is great company and provides a wonderful orientation to this beautiful city. It set the scene for our week in Zagreb.


Holly, Canada

The tour was very organized. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Lada, our guide.

First of all, we booked late and luckily she was available. We requested an afternoon/ evening and this was also accommodated. We started out with a walk seeing beautiful streets and architecture, the Cathedral had us in awe, then stopped for a tasting of different schnapps.

Our second stop was a quaint restaurant where we sat in a lovely garden and had a local beer and a very traditional cheesy and delicious dish called Strukli. Then off for more sightseeing and a wine-and-cheese tasting on a patio. Here Lada shared stories of Croatian politics and local attitudes while we asked questions and were fascinated and humoured.

Dinner was next, more wine, schnapps and goat with peppers and potatoes, which we had never had before. We were so full and satisfied! It was a wonderful way to spend our last few hours in Croatia!

Chris, Australia

Having only a day and a half in Zagreb, we tossed up what would be the best way to see the city and boy, did we make the right decision chosing Zagreb Bites! Morana met us at our lodging on the outskirts of town at 9.30am to begin our day adventure. We had an amazing day where we walked around town being shown all the tourist hot spots but at the same time sampling some of the most amazing food. From buying pasties in a small patiserrie and taking them to a coffee shop, stopping at a new bar to try local beer and wines plus cheeses & cured meats. A trip around the market, a visit to an underground wine bar, late lunch in an amazing restaurant where we sampled a meal cooked in the traditional Croatian way, in a peka, home made ice cream and late afternoon drinks at a bar near where we were staying. Nine hours later, extremely satisfied and feeling like we wouldn’t be able to eat for a week, we finally arrived home. I can’t recommend this tour highly enough! Thank you so much Morana for such a memorable day.

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