Making friends with Zagreb bite by bite

Zagorje – where acid meets sugar

Zagorje – where acid meets sugar


  • Marvel the beauty and tranquility of the scenery around you.
  • Add some historic sights to your to-do list, like a medieval castle.
  • Meet and greet winemakers in person. Cellar tour and tasting!
  • Have a rich and filling traditional lunch prepared with local ingredients.
  • Available: Year round
  • Group size: 2-4 persons
  • Duration: 5+ hours
  • Lunch: included

This historic region north from Zagreb stands for gentle green hills, cows strolling by the road, countless small vineyards, museums, castles and idyllic scenery. Despite its long wine-making tradition, it wasn’t until recently that Zagorje started launching top quality wines from boutique wineries, reaping the most prestigious international awards. You can find some real gems here, and it’s not too far-fetched to say that the world of wine would not be the same without Zagorje – the ancient grape called Zagorska belina is the ancestor of Chardonnay and Riesling.

This adventurous tour is for curious wine enthusiasts seeking new experience, but also for those who love scenic landscapes, warm welcome in form of food  and tranquility of the countryside.

Zagreb Bites tours are not pre-scheduled, they are a private, bespoke experience always arranged by request and depending on our availability. Last-minute requests are risky and will not always have a positive outcome. For all requests made three days or less in advance, an extra 20 EUR per person is charged.


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